Carbon capture for simple cycle gas turbinesĀ  Ā 


Advanced and cost-efficient state-of-the-art solution.

Generates additional electricity while capturing 95%+ CO2 from the exhaust gas.

Use carbon capture as a revenue source by the surplus energy from the capture process!!

Advanced and cost-efficient solution forĀ simple cycle gas turbines 4-100+ MWe

High capture rate (95%+)

Utilises the safe HPC solvent

Replaces the steam cycle

Reduces complexity and weight

Operates efficiently onĀ electricity alone

Generates necessary heat internally

Standalone unit

Positioned as commercially available

CapsolGTĀ® - Empowering sustainable energy solutions

CapsolGTĀ® - carbon capture technology tailored exclusively for simple cycle gas turbines.


This innovative solution using Capsol's patented technology seamlessly integrates with simple cycle gas turbines. Unlike conventional approaches, CapsolGTĀ® excels in capturing CO2 from low-concentration exhaust gases, eliminating reliance on external steam supply, while generating surplus electricity.Ā  CapsolGTĀ® operates efficiently on electricity alone, generating the necessary heat for the capture process internally.


CapsolGTĀ® achieves over 95% CO2 capture rate, streamlining implementation with minimal adjustments and without the need for extra fuel for heat generation. Experience a cost-effective solution for carbon capture in the realm of simple cycle gas turbines.


Harnessing the inherent advantages of gas turbine flue gas - the high heat available, CapsolGTĀ® ensures surplus energy, translating to reduced operational expenses. Positioned as a commercially available, sustainable solution,Ā CapsolGTĀ®Ā signifies a leap towards carbon-neutral energy practices.

High-level overview of CapsolGT®

Help accelerate the world's transition to a carbon negative future with CapsolGT®