Capsol EoPĀ®

Flexible End-of-Pipe (EoP) Carbon Capture Solution


Safe, environmentally friendly and cost competitive

OptimiseĀ for Maximum District Heating orĀ Minimum Electricity

What makes CapsolEoPĀ®Ā superior

CapsolEoPĀ® does not need external heat supply

CapsolEoPĀ®Ā can run efficiently on electricity only

Amine-based technologies require significant amount of heat. The heat needed is often not available from the host plant and requires investment in a separate steam generation which increases the energy costs

It is a stand-alone system that uses HPC as solvent

CapsolEoPĀ®Ā can be installed without impacting uptime

The solvent, Hot Potassium Carbonate (HPC), is safe and environmentally friendly

HPC is widely available at low cost

CapsolEoPĀ®Ā requires less plot space

CapsolEoPĀ®Ā works as a heat pump, producing heat at usable temperatures

The heat can be used efficiently to run the carbon capture process. Excess high grade heat can be used in a district heating system or other use

Value proposition: Low energy useĀ and cost, safe and environmentally friendly

A full captureĀ solution forĀ CO2Ā emittingĀ industriesĀ 

Stand-alone unit

End-of-Pipe (EoP) for easy retrofit with parent plant due to minimal interface

Smaller footprint

TheĀ pressurized absorber design of CapsolEoPĀ® requires less plot space

District heating integration

Thermal power export from the heat recuperation to the district heating network maximises the efficiency of the process

Flexible configuration

Heat integration concepts can be adopted to needs, maximum district heating output or minimal electricity consumption

90% Capture Rate 

Flexible capture rate of 90%+ based on legislative and project requirements

High CO2 purity

and no harmful emissions of degraded (potentially carcinogenic) amines

High-level overview of the Capsol EoP® Technology

For Waste-to-Energy plants

For Biomass plants

For Cement plants

Help accelerate the world's transition to a carbon negative futureĀ with CapsolEoPĀ®