Capsol Technologies' offerings


Flexible End-of-Pipe (EoP) Carbon Capture Solution

Safe, environmentally friendly and cost competitive 

Optimise for maximum district heating or minimum electricity

Capsol Technologies' flexible CapsolEoP™ carbon capture solution
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Carbon Capture Gas Turbine

Generates additional electricity while capturing 95%+ CO2 from exhaust gases. Replaces the traditional steam cycle. Reduces complexity. Introduces carbon capture as a revenue source.

CapsolGT®  Gas Turbines with Carbon Capture     Generate additional electricity while capturing 95%+ CO2 from exhaust gases of open cycle gas turbines
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Carbon Capture Demonstration Unit

An all-inclusive package

Transport, installation, deinstallation, operation, deployment, and testing by an independent party – it's all included

CapsolGo®  Carbon Capture Demonstration Unit with an all-inclusive package
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Capsol Technologies & Eickmeyer/CATACARB® partnership

Enabling streamlined HPC design options for all emitters

Capsol Technologies enables more options for emitters

Capsol as the main contact to the client can utilise CATACARB® as a preferred supplier of design services for the HPC section, providing a great degree of certainty and confidence for clients that a proven solvent can be utilised. 

Synergies for all parties including Stockholm Exergi project

Capsol licenses its patented carbon capture technology, where Eickmeyer provided HPC design services.

CATACARB additives as an alternative to non-proprietary solvents

The use of CATACARB additives is supported by decades of operational data and enhances both absorption and stripping efficiencies.