Capsol EoP™

Carbon capture from Biomass plants

High-level overview of the CapsolEoP® solution

Advantages of CapsolEoP® for carbon capture from Biomass plants 

90%+ capture rate

CO2 concentration and impurities in flue gas from biomass plans are well suited for our Capsol EoP carbon capture solution.

Safe and Inexpensive solvent

The CapsolEoP® carbon capture unit utilises the non-toxic and inexpensive solvent Potassium Carbonate, a common mixture in the food industry which is readily available.

Cost Competitive

Cost competitive due to patented energy recuperation which keeps most of the energy within the system. Electrical energy consumption of ~0.7-1.5 GJ/tonnes of CO₂ captured, depending on the composition and temperature of the flue gas (not including liquefaction). No additional heat energy required.

Additional heat for DH system

Thermal power export from the heat recuperation to the district heating network maximises the efficiency of the process. Hence, Capsol's technology can be optimized for maximum heat delivery to the district heating system. Example: get an extra 8 times of additional heat output over 60oC to your district heating system for every 1MWe extra of electricity.

Powered by Electricity or Steam

The carbon capture solution can run on electricity only, or a combination of electricity and steam. Energy-efficient and cost-effective. Independent of mother plant. No need to invest in steam production to run the capture unit. ~40% lower cost than traditional amine based solutions.

Non-disruptive Standalone Unit

CapsolEoP® is easy to install. No modifications or downtime required at parent plant during installation and commissioning, or during maintenance. Commissioning in 18-24 months (we only use components which are already in use in thousands of plants globally).

Stockholm Exergi - Europe's largest BECCS project - will be using CapsolEoP®

Stockholm Exergi is one of the first companies in the world to develop a model for enabling the shift from reduced carbon dioxide emissions to negative emissions.

Bio-energy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) is one possible way of slowing global warming and ultimately rebalancing the climate sustainably. Stockholm Exergi’s calculations show that there is potential to capture 800,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

Stockholm Exergi’s plans for a BECCS plant at their biofuel-fired CHP (Combined Heat and Power) plant are becoming increasingly well defined and we are happy that Stockholm Exergi has chosen our CapsolEoP® solution for this first-of-a-kind large-scale bio-energy carbon capture plant.

Your experts on Biomass Carbon Capture

Cato Christiansen
Stellan Hamrin
Johan Jungholm

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