Capsol EoP‚ĄĘ

Carbon capture for Energy-from-Waste plants

High-level overview of the¬†CapsolEoP¬ģ¬†carbon capture solution for Energy-from-Waste plants

Some of the advantages of CapsolEoP¬ģ¬†for Energy-from-Waste plants¬†

90%+ capture rate

CO2 concentration and impurities in the flue gas from biomass plants are well suited for our CapsolEoP carbon capture solution, with a capture rate of more than 90%.

Safe and inexpensive solvent

The CapsolEoP¬ģ¬†carbon capture unit utilises the non-toxic and inexpensive solvent Potassium Carbonate,¬†a common mixture in the food industry¬†which is readily available.


Cost-competitive due to patented energy recuperation which¬†keeps most of the¬†energy¬†within the system.¬†Electrical energy consumption¬†of ~0.7-1.5 GJ/tonnes¬†of CO‚āā captured, depending on the composition and temperature of the flue gas (not including liquefaction).¬†No additional heat energy required.

Additional heat for DH system

Thermal power export from the heat recuperation to the district heating (DH) network maximises the efficiency of the process. CapsolEoP¬ģ¬†can be optimised for maximum heat delivery to the¬†DH system. Example: For every 1MWe extra of electricity, get 8x additional heat output over 60oC¬†to your¬†district heating system.

Powered by electricity or steam

CapsolEoP¬ģ¬†can run¬†on electricity only, or electricity and steam, if excess steam is available. The unit is independent of parent plant and easily scalable.

High CO2 purity

The captured CO2 has high purity and no harmful emissions. It is safe and environmentally-friendly. 

Capsol's technology demonstrated on a Energy-from-Waste combined heat and power (CHP) plant in Sweden

Quick facts

1+ tonnes/day

Campaign time:
5 months

September 2022

Full-scale deployment:
230 000 tonnes CO2 per year

From September 2022, a CapsolGo¬ģ demonstration campaign¬†was running at √Ėresundskraft's Energy-from Waste plant Filbornaverket in Helsingborg, Sweden, for 6 months. The independent test operator Captimise AB has performed tests and analysis and provided √Ėresundskraft with independent test reports.¬†The project¬†has been funded 25 percent by the Swedish Energy Agency.¬†¬†

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