Capsol EoP™

Carbon capture from Cement plants

High-level overview of the CapsolEoP® for Cement plants

Some of the advantages of CapsolEoP® for carbon capture from Cement plants 

Low energy demand

Electrical energy consumption of <1.0 GJ/tonnes of CO₂ captured, depending on the composition and temperature of the flue gas (not including liquefaction). 


Powered by electricity only

CapsolEoP® (End-of-Pipe) can run on electricity only. No need for additional steam generation. The unit is independent of parent plant.

Standalone Unit

Easy to install, standalone unit. No modifications or downtime required at parent plant during installation, commissioning or maintenance. Commissioning in 18-24 months. We only use well-known components used in thousands of plants globally. No risk of potentially long shut-downs or interruptions in production

Cost Competitive and Flexible

Cost competitive due to patented energy recuperation which keeps most of the energy within the system. 

Two or more capture units will operate in parallel for facilities with emissions of more than 2.5 million tonnes CO2/year (flue gas concentration of 20%).


Start your carbon capture journey with CapsolGo® 

CapsolGo® is a portable, carbon capture demonstration unit with an all-inclusive package, giving you the opportunity to test carbon capture for your plant's specific flue gas and operation, to verify the effectiveness of our environmentally friendly HPC carbon capture solution before considering a full-scale carbon capture plant. Running a demonstration unit provides you with valuable insights and the opportunity to get familiar with carbon capture and define an optimal solvent blend for your specific flue gas, accelerating the decision process towards a full-scale CO2 plant.

Transport, installation, deinstallation, operation, deployment, and testing by an independent party – it's all included!

Your experts on Carbon Capture from Cement plants

Cato Christiansen
Stellan Hamrin
Johan Jungholm

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