Capsol EoP™

Carbon capture from cement plants

Advantages of CapsolEoP® for carbon capture from cement plants 

Low energy demand

Energy is responsible for 60-75% of the operational costs of a carbon capture plant.

CapsolEoP®'s prorietary energy recuperation keeps most of the energy within the system.

CapsolEoP® uses 40-50% less energy than other technologies, bringing down the cost per tonne captured by 20-30%.  

If the cement plant is connected to a district heating network, the cost savings are higher.

Lower capex

The unit can run on electricity only. No need for additional boiler for steam production. Minimum 15-20% lower capex.

Easier Permitting

Easier handling of material (solvent) and better safety due to non-toxic solvent.

Minimal Modification 

CapsolEoP® is a stand-alone unit requiring minimal modification of the parent plant.   

Captures 95%+ of the CO2

High-level overview of CapsolEoP® for cement plants

Start your carbon capture journey with CapsolGo® 

CapsolGo® is a portable, carbon capture demonstration unit with an all-inclusive package, giving you the opportunity to test carbon capture for your plant's specific flue gas and operation, to verify the effectiveness of our environmentally friendly HPC carbon capture solution before considering a full-scale carbon capture plant. Running a demonstration unit provides you with valuable insights and the opportunity to get familiar with carbon capture and define an optimal solvent blend for your specific flue gas, accelerating the decision process towards a full-scale CO2 plant.

Transport, installation, deinstallation, operation, deployment, and testing by an independent party – it's all included!

Your experts on carbon capture from cement plants

Cato Christiansen
Stellan Hamrin
Johan Jungholm

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